We Put Customers First

Full Service A-Z

We are the only provider committed to delivering all the people and entity solutions you need, in every country throughout the world

Simplify the Complex

Our technology, people, methodology, pricing, experience, & expertise, make the complex simple


United Platform

GateWay is our unique digital platform allowing clients, employees, and partners to access everything they need in every country

World-Class Team

Ours is the most experienced team of professionals in the global expansion solutions industry


Client First Focus

  • We put clients first, an area where too many legacy providers have failed
  • We hire the best and brightest to solve problems for you
  • We offer a premium solution addressing all your needs, at a reasonable price
  • We invest in market-leading technology that streamlines the client experience

Full Service A-Z

  • Global People Solutions: international payroll, EoR, HR admin support, global mobility solutions, and technical HR consulting services
  • Global Entity Solutions: entity setup, statutory accounting & bookkeeping, tax compliance, legal entity management, import/export assistance, and more
  • No other provider offers this full range of services

Unified Technology Platform

  • Our GateWay™ technology platform is a one-of-a kind software solution that gives clients, employees, and partners complete visibility to everything they need
  • Clients can securely transfer and exchange data and documents in compliance with global data protection regulation (GDPR) requirements around the world
  • Only GateWay offers our clients full transparency into the status of local compliance in each of the jurisdictions in which they operate

World-Class Team

  • Our Founders and other professionals represent the most experienced team of experts in the global expansion solutions industry
  • We offer deep experience supporting HQ-based Finance, Accounting, Tax, Legal and HR personnel tasked with managing their company’s global footprint
  • Our team of experts are at the ready to help you, based in the right time zone and equipped with the right knowledge, experience and communication skills

Simplify the Complex

  • Supporting a global footprint is complicated and stressful, and the stakes of getting things wrong can be costly
  • At HSP Group our mission is to simplify the complex, allowing you to succeed with efficiency, in a stress-free manner
  • Through our people, technology, methodology, pricing, and expertise, the risks and hassle of your overseas operations is taken out of your inbox, and passed along to our experienced team of experts to take care of

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