Randy Worzala

Mar 30, 2021 · 3 min read

HSP Launches GateWay Workflow™ technology

Multi-disciplined industry veterans Sam Sengupta and Joe Vaccarello are leading the firm’s focus on creating the markets most powerful digital client experience

Multi-disciplined industry veterans Sam Sengupta and Joe Vaccarello are leading the firm’s focus on creating the markets most powerful digital client experience

In today’s world, outdated communication and data compliance tools, coupled with an inability to deliver a seamless, multi-jurisdictional technology solution, results in an adverse user experience for clients in search of the services needed to manage their international operations.  Clients need to know what is being delivered, by when and by whom, and a secure method of interaction with their provider of these services is key.

Recognizing this, HSP Group, the client preferred provider of global expansion software and services, is pleased to announce the launch of our GateWay platform, an industry-differentiating experience for clients, employees and partners. This platform will provide all of these key stakeholders with clear and consistent insight across the entire operating spectrum of a client’s global footprint.


The first release of GateWay allows our entire ecosystem of clients, employees and partners to:

  • Access all our digital solutions, with a single-entry point,

  • Gain visibility into and track the progress of all key delivery activities at a global level,

  • Securely transfer and exchange data and documents in compliance with global data protection regulatory (GDPR) requirements around the world, enabling HSP Group to efficiently deliver services, and

  • Gain access to insights and receive real time notifications.


“HSP Group is thrilled to announce the first release of what we think is already the leading technology solution available in our market, achieving general availability within the very first quarter since the launch of our operations” said Larry Harding, Founder & CEO.  “A gateway is defined as a ‘means of access or entry to a place’, which we think is an apt description for the digital client experience that should be expected in our market.  Via our GateWay platform, all HSP Group clients, as well as our employees and the delivery partners who support them, will achieve a secure and efficient digital operating experience more robust than what our competitors are able or willing to offer”. 


Said Sam Sengupta, Head of Digital for HSP Group, “It was a primary objective for us to start our business as a digital provider, with a platform that all of our clients, from the very first group who’ve signed on with us, will utilize as a foundational ‘business-as-usual’ means of working with us.  Simplicity, consistency and security is at the very core of our mission for ensuring compliance and efficiency across all of the geographies our clients are present in outside their home base of operations. 


The GateWay platform will allow our client personnel, along with the HSP Group employees and partners who oversee the delivery of our services, to all stay closely connected with one another throughout their end-to-end journey with our organization.  Services supported by GateWay include all five of our Global Support recurring services (global payroll, legal entity management and compliance, accounting and tax, employer of record, and HR administration), as well as our Consulting Solutions specialized services.”


“With a global footprint spanning 100+ countries, having the ability to securely exchange corporate documents and track status via HSP Group’s GateWay portal both accelerates our speed to market, and provides for an improved control environment”, said the Vice President for Compliance, Data Protection & Government Regulations at one of the firm’s HR Technology & Services clients.  “As a service provider ourselves, that supports some of the world’s premier humanitarian organizations, our ability to move at pace directly impacts international development and economic prosperity, often in developing countries.  The delivered promise of a secure environment at the outset of the relationship was key in our decision to choose HSP Group.”


HSP Group welcomes the opportunity to open our GateWay to you.  To find out more, click the Learn More button below: