Digital origins

Our HSP journey commenced at a unique time with a unique opportunity. At a time of unprecedented advancement in digital adoption, our speed and agility in establishing a digitally native servicing landscape has provided us with our unrivalled go-to-market digital strategy. For our clients, it presents unique journeys woven together to provide something new in 1 Platform.

Core to this is GateWay – an omnichannel entry point for companies to expand out of their home base of operations to new destinations.

Our Technology Platform is Your “GateWay” to the World

  • Entirely digital, intelligently connected
  • Single Point of Contact enabled by a Single Point of Record
  • Provides ubiquitous access to ‘every’ global destination via a digitally native collaboration platform

Access to everything you need, in every country, in one place, uncompromisingly secured

  • Collaborate on real-time status of people and entity activities once established
  • Architected and built end to end journeys with security assessed at each data touchpoint
  • Secure transfer and exchange of data and documents
  • Single Sign On (SSO) enabled across the entire landscape
  • Securely transfer and exchange data and documents in compliance with global data protection regulatory (GDPR) requirements around the world

User-centered design simplifying your digital experience

  • Remove the hassle of your overseas expansion from your inbox
  • Ease of Use with intuitive navigation removing learning curve
  • Real time, visually enabled decision making
  • Powerful search and efficient filtering allows rich segmentation including services and countries
  • Streamlined user experience