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Lisa Weber

Lisa Weber

VP, Human Resources


Lisa joined HSP Group in March of 2021 as the Manager of Operations and Administration and was promoted to Director of Human Resources and Administration in February of 2022. She was most recently promoted to VP of Human Resources in October of 2022 and joined the Executive Committee at the same time. 

Her career started as a member of the audit team at Ernst & Young in Boston, where she focused specifically on small and emerging businesses. While there, she migrated into the HR Department of the Boston office, working with the Partner in charge of HR.

Lisa is heavily focused on the employee experience, including: Operational HR, HR Strategy & Architecture, Employee Success & Enrichment, Global staffing, recruitment and the retention of employees— which is a priority as HSP continues its rapid expansion.

The core objective of the HR team is to build and maintain positive working relationships among all employees, create an optimistic and supportive work culture and to build a sound organizational structure that focuses on the success of HSP Group and our team, while adhering to our Mission, Vision and Values.

Before joining HSP Group, Lisa spent ten years in sales as a Senior Business Development Director, with most of that time at TR Miller Company.

She graduated from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Communications.