Katie Davies

EVP, Chief Solutions Architect, Board of Directors


UK–based Katie Davies is an experienced advisor with over 25 years of international business consulting experience. With an entrepreneurial and client-centric approach, Katie has advised corporates, private equity partners and other professional advisors on the operational requirements and practical considerations for companies expanding internationally, including organisations undertaking commercial transactions that span multiple countries, as in an M&A carve out involving overseas elements. Her expertise includes advising on the many inter-related technical challenges that arise out of these transactions from a tax, HR, global mobility and legal related perspective (for example, data protection). Key areas of focus are ensuring that entities transact and operate compliantly while managing at a commercially acceptable level of risk, which, along with cost mitigation, can contribute significantly to the increase of shareholder value.

A co-Founder and member of the Board of Directors of HSP Group, Katie is also responsible for leading the Solutioning aspect of the business, ensuring that the scope of its customer engagements best meet what’s needed. Prior to joining HSP Group, Katie was one of the original leaders of High Street Partners, Inc., where in 2005 she established and led their world-renowned advisory practice. Upon the sale of the business in 2014, in a private equity backed transaction creating Radius Worldwide, which itself later became Vistra, Katie relocated to Boston, MA, where she spent the next 7 years providing technical consulting to US based clients, and internal support to the US based sales and client services teams at Radius/Vistra, before returning to the UK in 2020.

Katie originally trained with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) London, where over her 10 years she specialized in expatriate tax and global mobility. Prior to joining High Street Partners in 2005 Katie served as Finance Director and Operating Officer of The Beanstalk Group, an international leader in brand licensing and a joint venture of The Ford Motor Company, where she gained first-hand experience of “life within the corporate”.

Katie, who received an MA from Cambridge University, frequently contributes as a speaker, panelist and commentator with press organizations and on social media, with respect to international operations and global expansion matters.