JJ van Herksen

JJ van Herksen

Director, Business Development, HSP Group


JJ van Herksen is an HR professional with over 22 years of experience in operations and project management, with a strong focus on payroll & benefits. Most recently he was at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington DC where he was the Director of Human Resources & Benefits.

In his prior position with the Dutch Foreign Service, he led the rollout and development of back office services, including global payroll and international HR services in the Western Hemisphere (14 countries).


JJ excels at organizing people and resources to deliver on mission objectives. This experience has given him the powerful skill of communicating and delivering messages effectively across cultures.  He has the keen ability to look at any challenge or opportunity that may arise from different angles and create solutions that satisfy the organization's objectives.

JJ holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from Stenden University (The Netherlands) and a Post Bachelor with a focus on Financial Management & Control from Avans University (The Netherlands). He is fluent in five languages and has lived in five countries, spanning over four continents. He is a member of Society of Human Resource Management and lives in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC.