HR Administration

Tailored and flexible, we take on the day-to-day human resources tasks to free up your busy schedule.

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Leverage our global HR administration services to offload your team

When you are too busy to do it all, enter HSP Group. We have the global and local know-how to manage the infinite number of considerations that an international workforce brings. Our HR administration solutions are designed to extend your in-country capabilities. Whether you could use expert backing in a single location or would benefit from recurring HR support across jurisdictions, we tailor the service to meet your needs. 

We expediently address the challenges that stretch the bandwidth of your in-house team — onboarding and offboarding, payroll, benefits processing, and the countless questions that arise when you run up against local employment rules and regulations. Compliance comes naturally to us because we have done it before. We help you make the complex easy.


We get it right so you can breathe easy

Global HR compliance takes more than your best guess. The intricacies that dictate employee-centric countries require local expertise. What country mandates annual health checks? What’s the length of the notice period? At what point do you have to provide employee handbooks? We know the answers and we help you get them right, every time. 
Our HR administration services bring:

  • Yes, Compliance: Save time and resources by leaving the nitty-gritty to us.

  • A-la-carte Selection: Pick and choose exactly what you need among our services.

  • Visibility Into Everything: Capture your global footprint with GateWay, our global expansion platform that pulls all HR data into a user-friendly dashboard.


The GateWay advantage

Call it the end of the piecemeal approach. GateWay, our global expansion platform, gives you a holistic overview of your entire HR operation. Every country, every employee, every deadline, every deliverable — log on and see it all in one place. The real-time view sets you apart. 

We are on a global mission to help you thrive

Global expansion is riddled with hurdles so we made it our business to clear them for you. We built our comprehensive global people solutions-based on decades of accumulated experience. We know how crucial HR administration is to the success of your overall business and we treat it accordingly. Nothing is more important to us than the customer experience. This is how we make your day:


Technology-backed services:

GateWay, our global expansion platform, sets a new standard for online business management. Access every data point that matters to your international operation via an intuitive dashboard and act on both global and country-specific deliverables.

Global Expertise

Global expertise:

We combine a global outlook with unparalleled local expertise. Our team draws upon a wealth of first-hand experience from all over the world — and it shows.

Single POC

Single point of contact:

Meet your Global Services Director, your go-to expert for everything related to your international team and global business. This HSP hallmark makes communication easy. 

Holistic Approach

Holistic approach:

Need more? We have the in-house expertise to manage the entire employee lifecycle on your behalf. Consider our HR consulting services your 'phone a friend expert.'

"The global scope of HSP Group, both in terms of market expertise and experience from working with countless companies, allowed us to leverage cross-border knowledge throughout our entire organization, thereby avoiding the risk of making repeat mistakes as we expanded into new countries."
Head of Finance and Operations at fast-growing FinTech


e-Book: How to efficiently manage global growth

When HSP began scoping for Acquia, a global SaaS provider, the company quickly realized there were more gaps to fill than a payroll revamp. In short, they didn’t know what they didn’t know — until HSP uncovered the company’s true needs. 

One partner for all of your entity management needs.