Global People Solutions

Our Global People Solutions is a complete solution designed with you and your international workforce in mind. We focus on your people and what you need to be successful and compliant in supporting a multinational employee population in every country you operate.

What we specialize in is making the complex, simple.

Whether that be guiding you through the changing laws and regulations of each jurisdiction in which you employ people, or helping you find the best, pragmatic and compliant solution for hiring employees in any given country.

We understand that an employee’s and therefore, HR’s needs will change throughout the employment life cycle and are able assist with every step of that journey.


HR Technical Consulting

HSP Group’s technical consulting services address the challenges facing today’s global marketplace by assisting clients in establishing the appropriate structures to manage and support their workforce.

Our expertise spans the employee lifecycle … by focusing on industry best practices we support our clients drive to attract top talent by advising on country-specific HR and Employment best practices, compensation and flexible working packages, understanding benefits requirement and benefits sourcing, performance management, leave policies and termination/redundancy assistance.

We know the daily challenges that come with managing a global workforce. With compliance in mind, we help clients to design a recurring HR administration function and provide guidance on a variety of employment matters that arise in a changing environment. We are your ‘phone a friend’ local expert.


Global Payroll/EOR

HSP Group provides full service international payroll processing to ensure that your employees’ pay is calculated correctly, your employees are paid on time, every time, and all required payroll compliance filings are managed seamlessly and efficiently.

Our services include standalone payroll, Employer of Record (EOR), Professional Employment Organization (PEO), Non-Resident Employer payroll – circumstances and local law permitting, – Employment tax guidance, and employee expense report support.

HSP Group also provides Payroll Project Consulting Services to support our clients in every phase of their international expansion journey, by providing qualified, highly experienced, best in class Project and Program Managers as an extension to your team. Our experienced Payroll Project consultants can conduct international payroll vendor assessments, provide transition project staff augmentation and support with HR/Payroll process creation and optimization.


Global Mobility

Managing a mobile international workforce, whether for short-term or long-term assignments, can add further challenges to your HR function. Through our Global Mobility Consulting group, HSP supports your company’s global mobility and expatriate strategy needs, and help you navigate the complex home, host and cross-border country requirements.

HSP Group helps you prepare to send an employee overseas and helps you and the employee stay compliant while living and working abroad.

From assignment letters, company relocation policies and secondment agreements to immigration assistance, shadow payroll support and hypothetical tax calculations, our Global Mobility experts understand the nuances of having globally mobile employees.


HR Administration

Designed to extend your in-country HR capabilities, our HR Administration services provide recurring HR support to address those common challenges associated with hiring, onboarding, paying, providing benefits, offboarding and answering the myriad of employment-related questions for your international employees.

By syncing up both the HR and the Payroll function, we ensure that you have a seamless and comprehensive solution that allows you to be informed and compliant while your employees can focus on their day-to-day responsibilities and feel confident that their pay and benefits are well taken care of.

Whether you need full support for those locations with small employee populations or whether for those jurisdictions where you don’t have local HR staff to supplement your Global HR Team, our HR Admin solution allows you to spend your time focusing on the more strategic HR initiatives and leaves the recurring HR matters to us.