Dan Kragt

VP, Head of Operations, HSP Group


Dan Kragt’s extensive professional career has revolved around international business and cross-border investments, driven by his global background, proficiency in different languages, and interest in people from different cultures and countries.

Leading HSP’s global operations and delivery capabilities from the company’s Barcelona office, Dan brings his years of experience in providing professional services worldwide, helping ensure that HSP’s customers realize a people-friendly, client-centric experience, enhanced by technology. Before joining HSP Group, Dan was instrumental in the growth of TMF Group, joining their operation after selling his business to them in the late 1990’s. Before the sale of TMF Group to CVC Capital Partners in 2018, Dan was Chief Operating Officer and a member of their ExCo and Board of Directors, after having previously held a number different roles, including leading their largest segment (by revenue) as their Regional Head of EMEA. For the last 3 years, Dan’s focus has been on the use of technology in the professional services industry, and he continues to hold a number advisory positions with start-up companies focused on financial and administrative services and compliance.

After his French Bacalauréat, Dan earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Nijenrode, The Netherlands School of Business, and obtained his MBA at Georgetown University in the USA. A strong believer in continued learning and training, Dan also has a post-graduate degree in International Taxation, and more recently completed a course by Professor Clayton Christensen of the Harvard Business School on “Disruptive Innovation”, whereby a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom of a market, and then relentlessly moves up market to eventually displace established, legacy competitors.