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Jul 13, 2022 ยท 5 min read

HSP Group Adds Self-Service Entity Management to ๐™‚๐™–๐™ฉ๐™š๐™’๐™–๐™ฎ

Global expansion solutions disruptor, HSP Group, has added self-service entity management to GateWay, its proprietary technology, which has been designed to revolutionize the way companies manage their international operations. GateWay Entities now provides customers with the flexibility to digitally manage aspects of their business themselves โ€“ putting them in control, across all their global entities.

GateWay has been created to help companies keep track of their operations in one place, with one supplier โ€“ in-line with local and global rules and data protection regulations (GDPR) โ€“ securely, via one single platform. It provides a live status of entity activities once established, as well as the secure transfer and exchange of entity related data and documents. Going forward, the platform will enable customers to self-access and self-manage the activities they want to do themselves, making it quicker, easier and more cost-effective.

Additional functionality

GateWay Entities' new features include the ability to:

  • Access and manage company-level consolidated data. Users can retrieve their country-specific and global data via a single-source, and, where appropriate, make changes themselves or provide instruction to HSP.
  • Access and manage company-level documentation. As with the data functionality (above), users can retrieve their country-specific and global documentation and, where appropriate, make changes themselves or provide instruction to HSP.
  • Utilize e-signature capabilities where permitted in each jurisdiction. Real-time, self-signing capabilitiesโ€“ no need to go back and forward or print documents. Just sign at your convenience, using the platform.
  • View due dates and deadlines directly from the dashboard. Utilize the calendar function of the entity management application and see whatโ€™s coming up, add to it, change it and provide HSP with instructionโ€“ all in real-time, on the platform.
  • Utilize additional security measures. Keep data and documentation safe via the platformโ€™s increased authentication process, during log-on.
  • View in a snapshot โ€˜visual representationsโ€™ of all of the userโ€™s operations. Maps โ€“ both geographical and heat driven visuals - of all entities to help customers quickly identify those areas / functions performing as expected and those with outstanding issues / challenges.
  • See billing / invoicing status at an account level. Full transparency of the end-to-end service for all recurring and ad-hoc activities and the ability to live-contact a billing representative with queries.
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Talking about these latest developments, Larry Harding, Founder & CEO, states: โ€œHSP Group is all about simplifying the process of globalizing. Our solutions, people, methodology, experience, expertise and pricing enable us to make complex issues simple and easy to manage. We do all of this through our technology-led client experience platformโ€“ GateWay.โ€

He continues: โ€œTechnology is at the heart of what HSP does. Our digital roadmap, and investment plans, will see this industry finally transformed, with customers having multiple on-line options for managing their business - whether itโ€™s by mobile, laptop or via Apps.โ€

Sam Sengupta, Co- Founder and Head of Digital at HSP Group adds: โ€œGateWay is fast becoming the industryโ€™s โ€˜one-stop shopโ€™, allowing customers to manage their business in a holistic manner. No other industry player can offer real-time, consolidated information, as well as the ability to self-manage aspects of the business, accessed via multiple digital channelsโ€“ all housed within one platform. We are not working with multiple, legacy platforms and databases, rather we have one true source of information: GateWay. This is a game changer for businesses that are going global or already have multiple offices around the world. And this is only the beginning of what we have planned to, finally, technologically transform this market.โ€

GateWay will continue to evolve and remain at the forefront of digital developments in this space, in line with HSP Groupโ€™s mission to facilitate disruptive and expert-led global expansion solutions for companies, with an unparalleled focus on the overall client experience.

GateWay Entities is just one of the modules that make up the GateWay platform.

Other modules include:

  • GateWay HR โ€“ tracks and manages HR information, expenses and time of overseas employees
  • GateWay Payroll โ€“ enables submission, approval, receipt and tracking of payroll activities
  • GateWay Entities โ€“ tracks, manages and enables processing of entities' statutory and compliance requirements
  • GateWay Books โ€“ tracks and manages the accounts and data of overseas entities at a local and consolidated level
  • GateWay Pay โ€“ enables payments to be made directly on-line to overseas vendors, employees and other stakeholders