Jan 12, 2021 · 3 min read

HSP Group Adds Three Key Client Relationship Leaders to its Founding Team

Success criteria for the Global Services Director roles are what differentiates the firm’s offering in the international expansion services market

Success criteria for the Global Services Director roles are what differentiates the firm’s offering in the international expansion services market

HSP Group, the client preferred provider of global expansion software and services, is pleased to announce the hiring of Sky Mehringer, Jessica Nunes and Sally So as the firm’s first three Global Services Directors, or “GSDs”.  Supported by Global Services Associates, these client relationship professionals are all experts in the field of international business, and they will serve as the primary point of contact for the headquarters-based Finance, Tax, Legal and HR clients who are accountable for managing their company’s global footprint. 

Global Services Directors are competent experts, based in the right time zone and equipped with the knowledge, experience and communication skills needed to support HQ-based client personnel.  The objectives of these critical GSD roles, and the technology provided to them to help achieve these goals, are what differentiates HSP Group from its competitors in the global expansion services market.  These objectives include:

  • Oversee the delivery and quality of the five recurring Global Support Services engaged by clients (global payroll, legal entity management & compliance, accounting & tax, employer of record, and HR administration), in each of the countries supported;

  • Listen to clients on a continual basis, and make sure that the services being provided by HSP Group are in accordance with each client’s expectations;

  • Respond to client requests for assistance, and determine the optimal approach for addressing these requests;

  • Provide proactive insights, stay on top of and interpret the ever-changing rules and legislation in foreign jurisdictions, and conduct periodic reviews of a client’s expansion strategy;

  • Help clients avoid any disruptions to their business model and/or supply chains;

  • Identify areas where HSP Group’s Consulting Solution specialized services could be of assistance in areas like legal entity planning & setups, international tax guidance, ad hoc & special project assistance, as-needed HR support, global mobility, VAT optimization, M&A transaction support, legal entity restructurings and rationalizations, implementation & transformation support (including end-to-end Program and Project Management), and staff augmentation for clients in need of project and/or program management support

  • Provide these specialized services where possible, and appropriate;

  • Monitor the level of client satisfaction on a continual basis, via periodic Net Promoter Score survey results; and

  • Ensure that the interests of each client they support are properly looked after within the wider remit of the business.

“At the heart of HSP Group is our understanding that, in the global expansion services market, a client’s needs must come first, ahead of the provider’s own internal structure and operating convenience, or any owner or investor driven agenda” notes Larry Harding, CEO.  “With the addition of Sky, Jess and Sally, we have the finest and most experienced professionals in the world taking up our initial GSD roles, and perhaps the greatest quality of each of them is their drive to ensure that the client journey is of paramount importance.”

Notes Sky Mehringer, “For a client who’s accountable for managing a global footprint, this typically means being responsible for a long list of items, in an often challenging list of different countries.  Being assigned as their primary point of contact, and positioning ourselves as a true extension of their team, often functioning as their de facto International Controller, makes the management of these challenges exponentially simpler for them.” 

Adds Jessica Nunes, “Properly supporting clients includes making a commitment to them to provide as favorable a client experience as possible, and this in turn requires a commitment on the part of the business to invest in world-class technology applications. It is exhilarating to be joining a company like HSP Group, where its commitment to cutting edge technology solutions not only helps our clients, but also helps each of us as a GSD do our jobs to the utmost of our capabilities and efforts.”

“I am super excited to be on the founding team at HSP Group, and to take on one of our first GSD roles”, said Sally So. “Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the leading providers in the global expansion services market. I’ve seen the things they’ve done well, and areas where services can be provided much more effectively. These past experiences will result in a uniquely favorable experience for the clients I’ll be supporting.”