Bill Marcinkiewicz

VP, Finance & Administration, HSP Group


For the last decade, Bill Marcinkiewicz has been actively involved in building and running businesses helping clients with their global expansion, and has seen what works (and at times what doesn’t) in helping ensure their success overseas. With HSP Group, Bill oversees all of the internal workings of the business, including its fast-growing Finance, Accounting, Tax, Risk Management, Human Resources, Legal and Administrative requirements.

After graduating from Boston College, Bill began his career on the audit team at Ernst & Young in Boston where he focused especially on the financial services industry. This led to his next joining Fidelity Investments, where over his 20 year career he held numerous senior positions, including a decade spent in the business development division of the company, where as Senior VP of Operations and CFO he helped lead the commercialization of proprietary software and global operation solutions.

In 2011, Bill joined High Street Partners helping lead their growing client delivery operation around the globe. His efforts helped the firm realize a successful exit in 2014, as part of a private equity backed merger with a competitor firm. Bill stayed on with the successor company (Radius) where he was VP of International Operations, on through its own acquisition by Vistra in 2018. Before joining HSP Group in 2020, he consulted with other businesses in the global expansion services market, including TMF Group.