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Options for Employees Creating Permanent Lives Overseas

When it comes time to start moving employees around the map, the first thing HR professionals worry about is visas—they’re as vital as plane tickets for getting talent where it needs to be. But if you’re asking employees to make a longer commitment, they may have questions about their status that go beyond visas: if and how they might be eligible for permanent residency and, maybe one day, even citizenship.

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The Right Way to Set Up in Another Country

Once your exports overseas start to grow, how do you grow your business? If you decide to open international operations, there are plenty of decisions to make. Too often, fast-growing companies make the decision to open international offices one day and start looking for staff the next. You need to give yourself time. Expect the process of selling into a new country to take longer than you think.

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The Future of Doing Business in China

It’s a country that continues to fascinate and perplex, and a place that a U.S.-based CFO can’t ignore, whether or not their company is considering China as an option for outsourcing, distributing, selling or competing on a global scale.

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6 Things You Need to Know Today

A roundup of the day's news curated by the Inc. editorial team to help you and your business succeed.

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5 Countries Ripe for Your Startup's Expansion

Your company is doing well, hitting or even exceeding benchmarks. Maybe you’ve had some so-called “pivots” or switch-ups in strategy, but your customers are loving you. In domestic markets, that is.

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